Biometric authentication factors like facial recognition scans are no longer iron-clad cybersecurity measures. Emerging technology allows hackers to steal face scans and infiltrate a user’s unauthorized accounts. Learn how these social engineering attacks take place and what you can do to protect personal data. 

Flaws With Multi-Factor Authentication 

Cybersecurity experts praise multi-factor authentication as a key way to protect sensitive data. Rather than just entering a username or password, you’ll use one or more other credentials to verify you as the account holder. Common forms of MFA include:

  • Answering security questions before logging into an account
  • Entering a one-time passcode that you receive via email or text message
  • Using biometric authentication like facial recognition or fingerprint scans to identify you

Savvy hackers can infiltrate accounts when you use MFA measures like personal identification numbers or security questions. Recent vulnerabilities emphasize the need for biometric data protection since threat actors are stealing sensitive data. 

How Hackers Execute Facial Recognition Data Theft

All apps on your device are safe from hacking since you log in by showing your face. However, some users fall victim to identity theft because hackers learn how to steal face scans. Discover how this issue can impact you. 

Cybercriminals Create Fake Apps Requiring Biometric Data

How is it possible for a hacker to steal face scans? Vulnerable users fall victim to this attack by letting a fake app led by bad actors perform a biometric scan. Hackers can access this sensitive data as soon as the scan is completed. 

AI-Powered Deepfake Creations

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence becomes a problem when hackers use this technology to create a deepfake image of people after stealing their biometric data. This replicated image allows cybercriminals to bypass sensitive biometric multi-factor authentication methods. 

Users Lose Access to Secure Apps

Once a hacker completes the steps above, they can easily infiltrate apps. This cyberattack causes the most harm when threat actors receive unauthorized bank access to various financial apps. By impersonating the user, they can access bank account numbers and cause significant economic loss. 

How To Protect Your Biometric Data

As a business owner, you must take steps to keep biometric data secure so hackers can’t access your more sensitive accounts. Experts recommend boosting your cybersecurity measures across the board, including:

  • Educating your workforce about social engineering attacks and how to spot the signs of one
  • Monitoring all devices for malware and performing regular audits using endpoint protection software
  • Increasing your awareness of potential threats and mitigating them with patch management

The current threat does not center around iOS and Android vulnerabilities. It is only active for users in an undisclosed region. However, taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself is wise as hackers learn new ways to steal face scans. 


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